Friday, July 11, 2014


Guillo Servando

Another victim of Hazing Guillo Servando a student of St. Benilde De La Salle College. The Governments and Schools in our country must take their actions. And all Parents also must watch their children properly that do not engage on this kinds of  Inhuman Group which they called "Fraternity"or brotherhood. I do not think that is a brotherhood. How can you called that a brotherhood if you punish someone to accept as a brother and before joining there is a Initiation with a brutal hazing? That a newly member before he/she become a member he/she must go under an Initiation.

How many like Guillo Servando will be killed for us to be awakened? Now is the time that this kind of brutality that are happening in our country must stop for us to save the innocent lives that were wasted because of this "fraternity".

I myself, i had a bad experience in my high school days from this fraternity. I was bullied by some of a Frat member. Though fraternity were not allowed in secondary schools, but their influence were rampant in all public schools during my school days. They can recruit students to join them, and when a student already joined, that's the start of a problem. A student that became a member of this fraternity became fearless. And they were the one bullying those students who were not member. That is why some students were enticed to joint Fraternity for not to be bullied.

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