Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Earn Money from making a BLOG

Internet Blogging is one of the most enjoyable and easy things to do in the internet. Because in making a blog you can express your own ideas and experiences and many more things that you have encounter or seen in your everyday lives.

You can blog almost anything, and make it shown to the whole world through the Medium of Internet.

And the good thing is, we can make or earn Money by making a Blog. But of course this is not an easy thing to do. Earning money through the internet is not a simple thing. It takes time and effort.

First step, you need to have a Website, if you don't have a Website, look for a Website that offers a Free sites. There's a lot of Websites that offers a Free services. And  i recommend GOOGLE BLOGGER.

Of course GOOGLE is the number Site when it comes to Internet services, Google is the best and the Topnotch  Website.

Before you can access Google Blogger, you need to have a Google Account. Google now have the one time Account Application for all Google Services.

After Signing Up from Google Account, Go to Google Blogger and start writing your own blog.

But how can we EARN MONEY from making a BLOG...???

This is how...

Blogs and all Websites Create money. Through generating more Views and Traffics, the more views and more Traffic that a blog or sites can get, the more chances of earnings. Blogs can Earn Money through Google Adsense.

But like i said this is a tough things to achieve. More so to a small time and first time bloggers. The Competitions in the internet rankings is very tough. But as the Google administrators said, Do not minding about earning but Minding about good content of your blog.

And according to surveys, 70% of internet users READ BLOGS everyday.

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